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Orlando, "The City Beautiful" holds the mantle of being one of the world's premier tourist destinations, from swan boats and Clydesdales to oranges and alligators. Attractions, thrill rides, restaurants, comedy Clubs, theme Parks: whether you’re talking about Universal Studios, the Holy Land Experience, SeaWorld Adventure Park or even the Magic Kingdom itself, there’s always something magical in the air.

SeaWorld Adventure Park

SeaWorld Adventure Park  Shamu's awesome talents surface in the new Shamu Adventure, hosted by world-renowned animal expert, Jack Hanna. Through the magic of ShamuVision – a huge, high-resolution video screen – guests will witness the magnificent beauty of park’s biggest star and experience such exotic locales, as Alaska, Norway and the remote Crozet Islands.

The show demonstrates the awesome power of
SeaWorld Orlando’s family of seven killer whales, along with an awe-inspiring special appearance from a majestic African fish eagle in breathtaking free-flight. Killer whales Shamu and Namu splash waves of excitement into the crowd with breathtaking displays of grace and beauty during “Shamu Adventure.”

SeaWorld Orlando’s popular whale and dolphin show takes on a funky beach theme featuring tropical island music, playful interactions and spectacular new animal behaviors in the Key West Dolphin Fest.

Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and false killer whales (or Pseudorca crassidens) and their trainers entertain guest with amazing athletic abilities and light-hearted fun.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the dolphins up close at Key West Dolphin Cove. Our informative educational staff is on hand to answer your questions. So get ready to enjoy playful interactions, feedings and make new flippered friends!

Dolphin feeding takes place at select times and you can participate for a minimal fee.

The Waterfront

The Waterfront at SeaWorld is a celebration incited by the sights, sounds, flavor and festivity of the most vibrant cities by the sea. Dine on a gourmet pizza alfresco as the citizens of The Waterfront entertain you. Enjoy a drink under the stars at the SandBar or capture the fragrance of over 50 flowers of the South Pacific to design a special gift.

Surround yourself with unique shows, including “Kat ‘n’ Kaboodle,” featuring cats from around the world, and “Rico & Roza’s Musical Feast,” a family show about food and fun.

All of this and more await you at
The Waterfront, where you’ll find the soul of the sea at the heart of SeaWorld Orlando.

Remember the monster under your bed? Well, it grew up! Kraken, the monster of all roller coasters, is the tallest, fastest, longest and only floorless roller coaster in Orlando. It will take you to the heights of a 15-story building and turn you upside down seven times, all at speeds reaching 65 mph!

Kraken  Named after a legendary sea monster, Kraken is a massive, mythological underwater beast that's unleashed from the depths of the sea to take SeaWorld guests on the ride of their lives - lifting them higher, dropping them longer and spiraling them faster than any other coaster in Orlando. Riders' feet dangle as they sit on open-air, pedestal-like seats with nothing around them except shoulder restraints. There's no one to hold on to, nothing in front of them and nothing below them - and only sky above.